Fees & Payments

Sonnets Theatre Arts School offers you the option of paying termly fees by direct debit spread over 4 months or you can pay for the term up front in full.

Sonnets Classes Termly Fees

1 hour Minis classes: £96 per term – £24pm

1.5 hour classes: £128 per term – £32pm

2 hour classes: £160 per term – £40pm

Grade 1-5 LAMDA classes: £100 per term – £25pm
Grade 6 LAMDA classes: £160 per term – £40pm
Grade 7 & 8 LAMDA classes: £200 per term – £50pm

Sonnets Direct Debits spread the terms fees over 4 months – September term fees are collected on 1st Aug, 1st Sep, 1st Oct and 1st Nov.  A direct debit mandate is emailed to you to complete with your first invoice.

If you wish to pay Sonnets Fees termly in advance –  click the ‘Pay Now’ link on your invoice. Termly invoices are received via email.

Please note that from September 2016 we no longer take cheque payments.

If you are new to Sonnets and come to a free taster class mid way through the term, you are only invoiced for the balance of classes remaining that term. Payment of the full balance due is expected to be made by the 3rd week of attendance. Alternatively you can pay via direct debit over the remaining collection dates for the term.

We ask that you give half a terms notice if you are leaving Sonnets as some classes are near full capacity and it helps us manage numbers.