LAMDA Acting Exam Class

LAMDA Acting Exam Class is a small class focusing on plays with the opportunity to take acting exams.

Age Group: age 9 years+.

Term length: 10 weeks

Locations: Andover, Salisbury and Newbury.

The grades can be performed as solo, a duologue or combined.

Grades 1-5 you act 2 pieces one from the LAMDA Anthology and one of your own choice.

Grade 6 you act 2 pieces, one contemporary (1980-present) and one classical (1800-1960) all plays must be read in full to answer questions and have a full understanding.

Grade 7 & 8 you act three pieces, contemporary, classical and before 1800, must read all plays in full.

The exams are structured in levels:

Entry – Entry Exam

Level 1 – Grades 1, 2 & 3

Level 2 – Grades 4 & 5

Level 3 – Grade 6 (Bronze Medal), Grade 7 (Silver Medal) & Grade 8 (Gold Medal) (equivalent to AS and A Levels and you gain UCAS points.

LAMDA Acting Exam Classes run in Andover, Newbury and Salisbury.
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If you go to Farleigh Preparatory School. David Phaure is the LAMDA Coach so please contact us if you would like the coaching at school.