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What will my child gain from performing arts classes?

Let your child explore the performing arts at Sonnets Theatre Arts School. Learn how to improvise, devise drama, script reading, work as a team, develop a valuable skill set and most of all have fun performing a wide variety of performing arts techniques.

Drama, singing and dance classes provide an array of techniques for your child to develop social skills and confidence. 

Pupils will learn how to articulate, present themselves and feel confident to stand and perform in front of an audience and most of all have fun!

 No Auditions

Sonnets Theatre Arts School does not require an audition to join its Drama, Singing and Dance classes, all abilities, no matter how talented are welcome.

Class Locations

Classes run in Andover, Salisbury and Newbury. (And currently at home!)

Annual Presentation on a Professional Stage

All pupils get to perform on stage at the end of each year at our annual presentation. There are no extra rehearsals for this performance, it is a variety performance of clips from classes. Drama pieces are sometimes also shown in class at the end of term.

School Holiday Musical Workshops

Keep an eye on this website for Sonnets popular school holiday musical workshops. Children taking part in holiday workshops work towards a musical production of drama, singing and dance for parents to come at watch at the end of the course.

Kids Will Rock You Drama Singing & Dance
Kids Will Rock You
Drama Singing & Dance

Minis Classes 4-7 yrs

Sonnets Minis 4-7yr olds
Sonnets Minis 4-7yr olds

Sonnets Minis classes are an introduction to the performing arts, STAS foundation stage for children aged 4-6 year olds. Consisting of 3 key performing arts disciplines of Drama, Singing and Dance, it is a fast moving class to keep young children engaged and focused.

Pupils will develop confidence through drama games and exercises They will be creative and use their imagination developing characters from a story, having ideas and sharing them with the class. They will learn to articulate and project their voice, using tongue twisters and verse and prose.

The singing and dance in class is to pop music and musicals, it is all about musicality skills (timing and counting to the beats of the music) the mini’s class are not expected to read music or song sheets.

The pupils grow in confidence, self belief and are part of a team at Sonnets and most of all have a lot of fun.

Classes run at:

Venue: The LIGHTS (Theatre)
Day: Saturdays
Time: 9.30am-10.30am
Fees: £100 per term (£25pm)

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Performing Arts Classes 7-18 year olds

Drama Classes
Drama classes for 7-18 year olds are structured to instruct pupils in 4 key areas:

1. Mime: Acting without speaking. This is generally acting without props and trying to tell a story and express feelings relying on your body stance and facial expression.

2. Improvisation: Acting without a script and with only a small amount of direction. It is spontaneous acting using your imagination to captivate your audience. It gives children the confidence to perform with little or no planning, children learn to develop their own characters and stories.

3. Confidence & Projection: Learning to stand up tall and speak with confidence when acting, so everyone can hear you, when on stage or making a speech or presentation.

4. Emotions: How to express our feelings when acting. Props may be used, such as a colour, objects, stories, pictures or an attitude. Emotions make a performance more realistic and interesting. The inflection in our voices can show emotion, as well as using our body moves.

TV/Film/Radio: Children learn how to act for the camera, use their voice for radio and get the opportunity to use the equipment in class.  David is trained in the recorded arts and is the lead instructor for this part of the syllabus.

Dance Classes
Dance classes give the children the opportunity to explore dance as a discipline and learn fun routines to pop music and musical theatre.

There is no fixed style of dance and often in our shows you will see a mixture of styles within a musical mash up from street to Modern dance.  Sonnets ethos is to encourage creativity and imagination from our pupils and in senior dance classes they can also work on their own choreography skills as part of their development.

A typical class will be in the following structure:
1. Warm up routine and Isolations
2. Performance piece
3. Cool Down and stretch

Classes are taught by trained Dance Professionals.

Singing Classes
Singing classes cover material from pop songs to musicals and the class is accompanied by the piano or guitar.

A typical class structure will be:
1. Vocal warm up,
2. Vocal training exercises and articulation
3. Vocal Singing techniques
4. Learning/practising songs, in groups, solo and pairs.

Each term classes usually learn to sing 2/3 new songs.  They will sometimes perform songs that our Singing Coaches have composed and written, like the song for Children in Need by David Phaure, click on the link to listen.

Click here for class timetables and to sign up for a free taster class.

For information on fees and how to pay click here.

LAMDA Acting

David coaches over 200 LAMDA students a week and has over 15 years experience.


Over 150 children recently took their LAMDA exams and they ALL passed with over 70% scoring Distinction – BRILLIANT News.

2020 NEWS
Congratulations to Harry, who has been cast by Meeraki Film Company as ‘Hector’ in their new film ‘Over Thinker’.

Assessments are required for the LAMDA Acting Classes. Typically, children are approximately 9 years old to start taking grades, although with LAMDA’s new, Early Stage: 1-2-3 exams, they can start as early as 7 years old. LAMDA Acting Examinations go up to Grade 8 with a maximum of 30 UCAS points making it a fantastic extra skill to add to your University application, CV or just self-confidence. It also helps gain the experience if applying to Drama School.

Age Group: 7 years+. (Classes age appropriate)

Term length: 10 weeks

Locations: Studio or Zoom 

The grades can be performed as a solo, duologue or combined.


Stage 1-3: Act one piece from memory of your own choice.

Entry Grade: Act one piece from memory of your own choice.


Grades 1-3: Act two pieces from memory, one from the LAMDA Anthology and one of your own choice.


Grades 4-5: Act two pieces from memory, one from the LAMDA Anthology and one of your own choice.


Grade 6, 7 and 8: Email: for information.

Grade 6, 7 and 8 are worth between 4 and 30 UCAS points.

Grade 6 (Bronze Medal), Grade 7 (Silver Medal) & Grade 8 (Gold Medal) 

If you are a school and would like to make a booking, please get in touch with David at or call 07818 052552.

LAMDA Acting Exam Classes run in Andover, Newbury and Salisbury.
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If you go to Farleigh Preparatory School, David is the LAMDA Coach so please contact us if you would like the coaching at school.


Book a free taster class

We offer a free taster class to allow your child (ren) to try a Sonnets class before they decide to join.

It is easy to book, you just complete the form below and your child will have a place in the next class at your chosen location .

If your child wishes to continue after the free taster class, drop us an email at and a registration form and balance of fee’s for the term will be emailed on receipt.

The Sonnets Team look forward to welcoming you to our school.