Parent Info – Testimonials

What parents and children say about Sonnets Theatre Arts School

Imogen just loves every aspect of Sonnets and she is also doing her LAMDA Acting exams. Imogen’s mother 2019

‘Sonnets has given my daughter the confidence to be her true self and shine like a star. David and the team install positivity through encouragement, enthusiasm and above all laughter. The extra LAMDA Acting lessons allow to focus on acting methods alone and it’s great to see the progress my daughter has made through formal examinations.’ Georgie’s mother, Amy 2019

‘Both our girls have been through the Sonnets program, one is still doing it. They both gained a huge amount of confidence from the classes. The classes are fun and crazy (bit like Dave) they enjoy/ed the variety of the sessions, dance, singing and drama. The annual show case gives them the opportunity to show what they can do. We couldn’t recommend Dave and Danni highly enough. They are fabulous with the children and the children love them. ❤️’
Jasmine and Lily’s mother and father 2019

‘I have been going to Sonnets since I was 4 years old, and now I am 12. Dave has given me the confidence to stand up on stage and enjoy singing and acting. Dani has taught me that even if you stumble to make it your own and to keep going with a smile. Sonnets is brilliant, wonderful, fun and amazing! I enjoy every minute.’ Jack. (Aged 12) 2019

‘Dave and his team have been truly inspirational to both my children where I have seen them grow in many aspects. They have gained confidence, made friends and look forward to going every Saturday.’ Lisa. Rob and Lyndsey’s mother 2019

‘Dave is a very inspirational theatre teacher, he and Dani take your ideas and make a piece of drama or a dance around them. Dave makes drama so much fun and even if some people don’t like singing he will find a way to make it fun for everyone. Everyone should join Sonnets, even though it costs money it is money well spent on something your child will enjoy, even if they aren’t a fan of one of the following: drama, singing or dance. It also helps with your confidence: people who are shy when they start, are normally the ones who turn out to have one of the biggest, loudest voices and those ones, at the end of the day, are the ones who have grown the most. It is like when a dog starts barking and then loads of other dogs start barking and well, it is as simple as that. One small voice will turn to one big voice or billions of smaller voices. SONNETS IS GREAT! I think that anyone and everyone should go to Sonnets, quiet or loud it dose not matter they will be treated equally, for example the loudest person in your group would’ve been the quietest once as well. This persons confidence would have grown. If you know anyone who likes drama, singing or dance you should get them to come to Sonnets and then they can grow in their confidence, make new friends and just enjoy the things that they might like doing in a very fun way. I think Dave is the best, funniest teacher and he and Dani should teach all children everywhere. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re like you will make new friends and even get a new backup name. Love Coco and India (Aged 11 and 9) xx 2019

‘It’s inspirational to see how David interacts with the kids, treating them as equals and getting the very best out of them.’ Both my children do LAMDA as well. Sarah, mother 2019

‘Can I say how absolutely wonderful Sonnets is. I cant believe how you manage to teach all those songs/dance moves/lines etc to all those little people in such a short space of time? I think David and Dani are just brilliant at what they do. Keep it coming.’  T’s mummy 2019

‘If sonnets gave me one thing, it’d have to be confidence. It was a safety net I could use to explore my creativity and sense of humour, without any fear of judgement.’ Still going.   Rob, student/assistant 2019

‘We like Sonnets Minis because we get to play in acting saying lines in different accents. We play the animal game but still learning and Dave’s funny. I like the singing because they are more modern and fun songs. We like doing dance because it lets all your feelings out. Dani is brilliant and Rob’s really funny when he dances.’   Florence and Daisy (Aged 7) 2019